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Ronnie Powell FL

2017 Florida Trophy Bucks

by Carolee Boyles 0

There are stories about a 25-point monster that James Stovall brought out of the Green Swamp West Wildlife Management Area… more »

Matt Bingham AR

2017 Arkansas Trophy Bucks

by Marshall Ford 0

On the hallowed list of America’s big-buck hotspots, Arkansas is considered a “sleeper” destination for hunters seeking trophy bucks. Thanks… more »

BIG BUCK Patrick Williams 181 3-8 possible NC record NT bow kill[2]

N.C. Archer Bags Huge Potential Record Buck

by Craig Holt 0

Rockingham County supplies another giant rack to its growing reputation with a recent possible record buck. North Carolina hunters know… more »

Graci Williams AL

2017 Alabama Trophy Bucks

by Carolee Boyles 0

Trophy bucks can pop up anywhere. Biologists claim that the right combination of decent genetics, good nutrition and enough years to… more »

Midwestern Trophy Buck Header

Midwestern Trophy Bucks

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

The network of Game & Fish Magazine writers fanned out across the region to find the most impressive scored bucks… more »

Hinz Buck WI

2017 Wisconsin Trophy Bucks

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

Badger State bucks have dominated the national record books for more than 75 years. Pick a category and a Wisconsin… more »

Hubbard Buck MN

2017 Minnesota Trophy Bucks

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

About a half-million hunters every fall don blaze orange or camouflage (or blaze pink — a new option this fall… more »

Brian Arny Buck MI

2017 Michigan Trophy Bucks

by Richard Smith 0

As usual, some monster bucks hit the ground in Michigan during the November firearms deer season. And, not surprisingly, most… more »

Kisamore Buck OH

2017 Ohio Trophy Bucks

by Dan Armitage 0

The eleventh month is a famous one for producing trophy bucks each year in Ohio, and the 2016 season was no… more »

Parker Simes Buck IL

2017 Illinois Trophy Bucks

by Alan Garbers 0

Illinois is famous for massive whitetail bucks, and hunters in every county have an opportunity to tag a true monster… more »

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