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Deer Hunting Tips and Tactics

Quick Tip: Pack Tree Stand Necessities

by Stephen D. Carpenteri   |  August 17th, 2017 0

After you pick a location, be sure to think comfort when packing for a day in your tree stand this deer season.

By Stephen D. Carpenteri

Selecting a site and establishing a site for a tree stand, whether it’s to be permanent or portable, are important aspects of any bowhunter’s strategy.

But then comes the question: Are you ready to sit in your tree stand all day, maybe for 16 hours or more?

Before making the climb, hunters should remember to bring plenty of water, snacks and sandwiches to avoid hunger pangs and dehydration.

A pack filled with the bare necessities can be carried up the stand and then hung on a convenient hook or strap.

tree stand

Are you ready to sit in your tree stand all day, maybe for 16 hours or more? (Photo by Ron Sinfelt)

Long hours in a stand after drinking the morning’s coffee, several bottles of water or energy drinks causes a problem. How do you get rid of all that processed liquid?

Some say that human waste is not offensive to deer, but the jury is still out on that one. The simplest solution is to bring an empty 32-ounce plastic bottle and urinate in it throughout the day.

Do not dump the contents on the ground from or anywhere near the stand. Be sure to carry it and all other trash out of the woods for disposal at the end of the day.

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