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Deer Hunting Ohio Whitetail

Deer Saves Woman, Chases Attacker Away

by Dylan Polk   |  March 2nd, 2012 10

Photo by Ron Sinfelt

After killing a deer, it’s customary to give thanks for this animal that gave its life to feed us. Who knows, maybe they’ll repay the gratitude.

That’s the only explanation we can come up with as to why a deer would dart toward someone attacking a woman, essentially rescuing her from a robbery, or worse.

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, a woman had just left a party when a man attacked her from behind, choking with her own purse and punching her in the forehead in Oxford, Ohio, when a deer ran out from the brush, scaring the attacker, who ran away with none of the woman’s property.

“The deer jumped up and ran…and so did he,” said police Sgt. Jon Varley, adding that in 17 years on the force, he’d never heard a story quite like that.

Varley said he believes the deer was sleeping in the brush when the commotion stirred it awake, causing it to bound from the bushes and heroically save the victim, who suffered some red marks on her face and some bruising, but was otherwise fine.

  • Frank Wirth

    Everyone should be greatful the deer wasn't in the rut; antlers are formidable wepons. If they fought over her I'll take the deer over a dirt dag who attackes a women.

  • huntsforhorns

    deer 1 attacker 0

  • Christopher Harper

    Even in a time of the year when they are not in the rut, a "dirt bag" like this guy would not stand much of a chance against a spooked deer. Scum like that are predators that feed on the fright of helpless women, that could probably beat his @$$ if they had a fair chance. It would not surprise me to hear that this guy crapped his pants.

  • David DeStefano

    Maybe the buck was offended when he yelled out give me all your bucks !!!!!!!!

  • Dan Smith

    Bambi had heard enough and said if I had to do it all over again I would have mounted the basxxxd and had my way with him, see how he liked it. You go get em bucks we need more heros like you in our woods.

  • jerry

    Thats one way to get more for your bucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim

    I can hear the story know, I was leaving a party last night and a dumb animal jumped out at me! Oh and there was this beautiful deer too!

  • Franky Smith

    Have to think twice about eating deer now, feel kind of guilty. for the time being anyway. very happy for the woman, thank you mother nature.

  • Chuckycheese

    God moves in mysterious ways!

  • rambo

    fist id shoot the dirt bag then the deer. and take the girl and the deer home for supper. I think ted nugent would agree

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