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Canadian Man Busted for Antler Trafficking Ring

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  October 3rd, 2012 8

For one Alberta mechanic and garage owner, car parts weren’t the only items changing hands in his shop.

Canadian authorities busted Garland Larry Poyser, owner of Poyser Auto Service, this past week for his participation in an illegal antler trafficking ring discovered earlier this May. After a four-month undercover investigation, authorities raided Poyser’s automotive shop and found some 500 antlers from mule deer, whitetail, elk and moose.

According to the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General, Poyser faces two counts of unlawfully trafficking wildlife, one count of possessing wildlife for the purpose of trafficking, and one count of unlawful possession of wildlife. With a court date set in October, he could face up to three years prison time and up to $150,000 in fines.

“Illegal trafficking of wildlife will not be tolerated in Alberta. This is a very serious crime that needs to be dealt with through serious punishments,” said Justice and Solicitor General Minister Jonathan Denis. “My thanks go out to the fish and wildlife officers for their great work on this investigation and for continuing to protect Alberta’s wildlife resources.”

  • Robert

    They were animal sheds, not game!!! Typical fish and game blowing everything out of perspective!! BS!!

    • Rock

      How do you know they were all sheds? It does not say if they were or not. We can only hope he did not poach any of the animals. If he did poach some of the animals I hope they throw the book at him.

    • Eric_Conn

      Thanks for the comment, Robert. The information in the story actually comes directly from the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General's office, in a press release they issued on September 25th. The charges and description of the crimes alleged are from their investigation and report, not from Game & Fish.

      Eric Conn
      Online Editor

  • robert j barnes

    if they poached give them 5 years if there sheds ?? government over kill change government or if its epa stop funding

  • Duane Berg

    i know what it take to take to run aso garage and i dont believe they poached any of them they probably brought them to resale them to poach 500 deer/moose it would of taken years,goverment over kill

  • Duane Berg

    if you look close lots of them are on mounts so they were probably were legal

  • jim

    I don't know Alberta laws but in Ontario it is illegal to sell any game related parts including taxidermy without a permit

  • Killer25

    I know garland and he is not a poacher or selling antlers!

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