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Our Best Archery Deer Counties

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Excellent deer-hunting opportunities await bowhunters throughout the Buckeye State, but we’ve narrowed the search to the best counties in each district and the top-rated public hunting areas in each county. The rest is up to you!


Tips from Okmulgee’s Veteran Bowhunter

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When a bowhunter shoots 32 deer — 27 of them bucks — in 34 seasons, it’s not just a matter of dumb luck! Wayne Willis tells us how he’s honed his hunting skills and earned his success.


Ohio’s No. 3 Crossbow Buck

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Dave Ross thought his hunt was ruined – but a series of exciting events put him within crossbow range of one of the biggest bucks ever taken in the state!


Bowhunting Our City Bucks

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The deer living practically within the city limits of some of Oklahoma’s biggest municipalities may be the perfect candidates for a late-season bowhunt. (December 2005)


Ohio’s Archery Whitetails

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There is still plenty of great bowhunting left in the 2002 hunting season. Here’s a sampling of the best public land deer hunts for you to consider this month.


Our Top Eastern Region Archery Deer Hunts

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Try these popular public lands in eastern Ohio for some great early-season bowhunting action in 2009. (September 2009)


Harrison County Longbow Monster!

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Ben Hilt hunted his “Coal Mine Monarch” for three years before getting a shot at one of the biggest typical bucks taken by an archer in Ohio in 2008. (August 2009)


Our Top Bow Buck From 2008?

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Galen Halteman’s first archery-killed buck may also turn out to be the biggest buck taken by bow in Pennsylvania last season. Here’s the story behind his exciting Montgomery County hunt. (August 2009)


Our Finest Early-Season Bowhunts

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These proven fall archery deer hotspots come highly recommended by Ohio Division of Wildlife biologists for their good numbers of deer and trophy-hunting potential. (August 2007)


Justin Metzner’s Adams County Monster Bow Kill

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Not many hunters get up at 3 a.m. to drive nearly three hours to their favorite hunting grounds. But Justin Metzner did — and was rewarded with one of the biggest bucks ever taken by a hunter! (July 2007)

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