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By Chris Brazzell

A Public-Land Monster: The Chris Brazzell Buck

by Terry Jacobs 8

As summer slipped into fall in 2010, the excitement of deer season and my annual trip to Nebraska continued to… more »

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2011 Pennsylvania Deer Forecast…Where To Get Your Deer

by Mike Bleech 13

Many hunters are saying that the ‘good old days’ of Pennsylvania deer hunting are gone. Hunters have been griping about… more »

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New England’s 2011 Deer Forecast – Where To Find Your Deer

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

Having hunted New England whitetails with enthusiasm and success since the early 1960s, I think it’s safe to say you… more »


Wide in Wisky: Jeff Weber’s 15-point Wisconsin Trophy Buck Could be New State Record

by Game & Fish Staff 6

Jeff Weber’s 15-point Wisconsin Trophy Buck Could be New State Record

Greg Reinhardt of Alexandria arrowed the top buck of 2010. It ranks No. 4 all-time among Kentuckey archery non-typical. Photo by Bill Cooper.

Bow-Kills: Top Non-Typical Kentucky Trophy Bucks of 2010

by Bill Cooper 0

Greg Reinhardt of Alexandria has spent the past several deer seasons bowhunting a forested tract of hills and hollows in… more »


Don’t Shoot! 6 Shots A Bowhunter Should Never Take

by Jon Silks 8

If you’d rather dress a deer than track it, make a promise to yourself that you will not release in… more »

Get your bow ready with all accessories attached, like your quiver, stabilizer and any dampening devices. Shoot it a few times and then check for anything loose.

Last-Minute, Do-It-Yourself Bow Tuning

by Tony J. Peterson 2

Full parking areas at shooting ranges.  A buzz of excitement at pro shops. It can only mean one thing. Bow… more »

Hard work pays off! After enduring numerous thunderstorms and several busted stalks, Smith was able to make it all come together. Photo by Jace Bauserman.

5 Steps To a Successful Public Land Backcountry Mule Deer Bowhunt

by Jace Bauserman 0

Marc Smith has been pursuing backcountry mule deer in the unsullied alpine basins of Colorado for well over a decade…. more »


New Bows for 2011

by Bill Winke 8

With bow openers just around the corner, now might be a great time to check out these new rigs hitting… more »

Big deer rarely come easy. Author Patrick Hogan put in the time to get close to this buck. Photo courtesy of Patrick Hogan.

Bowhunting Tactics For Closing The Distance On Trophy Bucks

by Patrick Hogan 1

Your username in your online hunting forum is something like “lungbuster78” or “huntaholic.” You spent $50 on parachute cord just… more »

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