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Elk Hunting In 2010

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No other region in the U.S. offers the diversity of elk-hunting experiences like the Pacific Northwest. Here are the hunts in Washington and Oregon that have the most animals and the best chance for tying your tag on a big bull.


Pacific Northwest Elk Forecast

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We’ve done the research. Here’s where elk hunters can expect to find success this year. (September 2009)


Roosevelt Elk Rebound

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With the species back from the brink, there are more bulls and more tags in the Olympic Peninsula’s coastal unit than in previous years. But the number of hunters is still low.(November 2008).


Trophy Elk of Wenaha-Tucannon

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Hundreds of Washington and Oregon hunters head to this wilderness to pack their freezers. But a lucky few will have their sights on legendary trophy bulls that push 390 B&C points. (November 2007)


Pacific Northwest Elk Forecast

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Tough 2006 hunting and a mild winter make for an excellent 2007 elk-season outlook in Washington and Oregon. (October 2007)


2007 Elk Forecast

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Looking for a heavy-antlered bull or a doe to fill your tag? Here’s a look at what to expect in the upcoming elk season in Washington and Oregon. (September 2007)


Elk Of The Blue Mountains

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Straddling the Oregon-Washington border, in the eastern portions of these states, stands the region’s most celebrated elk-hunting destination. (Nov 2006)


Get the Blues for Bulls

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The outlook for elk hunting this fall in the Blue Mountains varies from singing the blues to nothing but blue skies. It all depends on whom you ask — and whether you have a tag.


Cascade Mountains Elk

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The geographic break that forms the spine separating east from west in Washington and Oregon is home to a boatload of elk.

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High Desert Elk

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While the definition of “high desert” gets stretched at times in the Northwest, there’s no doubting that some arid parts of Oregon and Washington host expanding populations of Rocky Mountain elk.

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