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New Mexico’s New State-Record Elk

by S.L. Merriam 0

Shooting light was ending. A Governor’s Tag hunter rolled some rocks and got a 441 3/8 bull to stand still long enough for a single shot from his .270.


Southwestern Bulls In 2008

by Darren Choate 0

Arizona and New Mexico are fired up for an elk season that promises very good opportunities for trophy back-scratchers.


2008 Colorado Elk Forecast

by Brian K. Strickland 0

Where should you be this fall in the elk-hunting capital of the world?


Colorado’s Prolific San Juan Elk

by Brian K. Strickland 0

Good elk numbers? Plenty of public access? Over-the-counter tags? Colorado’s San Juan elk herd has it all! (October 2007)


2007 Colorado Elk Forecast

by Brian K. Strickland 0

Let’s take a look around the state to see where the best unit is to tag the bull you’re after. (August 2007)


Colorado’s 2006 Elk Forecast

by admin 0

In a state where the wapiti-hunting glass is nearly always full, hunters are anticipating another outstanding elk season in Colorado’s high country. (August 2006)


Utah’s New No. 1 Elk

by admin 0

Out of shape and out of bullets, Jeff Didericksen – hunting in 2002 with the statewide Sportsman’s tag – still managed to bag the biggest bull in Utah history.


Gunnison Basin Buglers

by Brian K. Strickland 0

Despite having 45 elk herds roaming the Centennial State, it’s easy to zero in on the Gunnison region, where elk are plentiful and hard hunting is often rewarded with a Western-sized hat rack.


Larry Ball’s Birthday Bull

by Brett Prettyman 0

California hunter Larry Ball turned a birthday present from his wife into Utah’s No. 2 typical elk with the help of an old friend.


Give Me Liberty!

by admin 0

A Nevada hunter heads north to Liberty, Utah, to bag the elk of a lifetime on the ranch of former NFL Pro Bowler Rulon Jones.

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