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Top 5 Big Game Hunting Trips in the U.S.

by Richard Johnson 0

From 900-pound Alaskan grizzlies to bison weighing more than half a ton, these are five of the top big game hunting trips in America.


Biggest & Baddest: Boone and Crockett’s 28th Big Game Awards

by Sarah Kellner 0

“From my cold, dead hands,” is a phrase made popular by Charlton Heston and the NRA, but the same could… more »

Photo by Brian Strickland

Wilderness Elk Hunting in Colorado

by Brian Strickland 0

The cadence of shod hooves slapping against the rocky ground filtered through the damp mountain air as we eased up… more »

Brett Shore of Reno, Nev., hunted northeast Oregon to take this fantastic bull on a backcountry bowhunt. Photo courtesy of Matt Shore.

2011 Pacific Northwest Elk Forecast

by Gary Lewis 0

It is more than steaks on the barbeque, more than antlers on a plaque. It is September, when the bugles… more »

Several units in Arizona will produce trophy bulls this fall. Photo by Lance Crowther.

2011 Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting Forecast

by Darren Choate 0

This fall is shaping up to be another tremendous year for big bull harvests across the Rocky Mountain States. If… more »


Missouri Men Pay for Colorado Elk Poaching

by admin 0

Men now face the loss of hunting privileges in Colorado and 34 other states.


North Park Elk

by Michael Peceny 0

A million acres support one of the strongest elk migration routes in the Centennial State across the valleys, flats and crests in Jackson County.


Find The Moving Target

by Greg Merriam 0

Colorado’s high-country elk herds migrate between summer and winter ranges. Be in the right place at the right time to take your bull. (July 2010)


Colorado Elk Forecast

by Michael Peceny 0

The Centennial State has more elk than any other state or province. And many bulls stayed out of harm’s way in 2008. That makes the 2009 seasons look awfully good. (August 2009)


‘Spider Bull’ Is New World Record Elk

by admin 0

Final Boone and Crockett Club Special Panel Score: 478 5/8-inch Non-Typical Points!

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