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Pro Secrets: Back Country Quest’s Keefer Brothers Share Tips for Late-Season Bucks

by Mike Marsh   |  November 5th, 2013 0

Chris and Casey Keefer are stars on the whitetail deer hunting stage. At ages 33 and 30 respectively, the brothers have hunted or guided 250 days a year, the equivalent of several normal lifetimes of studying trophy bucks across the U.S. and Canada.

Television programs featuring the Keefers have aired for years. Their current show, “Back Country Quest,” which airs on the Sportsman Channel, involves both brothers traveling across North America to find and hunt trophy bucks.


chris keefer, chris keefer rattling, chris keefer hunting, chris keefer in camo

Chris Keefer knows that rattling is an important part of hunting the rut. Photo by Ron Sinfelt

Doing so has given them a tremendous amount of experience in trying to outsmart bucks in a variety of conditions.

With the final days of the 2013 hunting season winding down soon, the Keefers each shared three tips for late-season bucks, namely trophies. Because they’ve hunted many states, not all strategies apply to all hunting areas, of course. But no matter where they are, bucks that live long enough to get big have similar needs and must extract what they need from their environments — and hunters who understand what the bucks need and how habitat can provide those needs will find more success in patterning trophies.

See if you can put these tips to work in your hunting. Chris discusses food sources, bedding areas and fencerows. Casey provides insights for hunting timber thickets, watercourses and refreshed buck sign.




Check out this interview with Chris and Casey Keefer as they talk about why it’s great to be an American sportsman:


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