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California Hunting Mule Deer & Blacktail

A True Southern California Trophy Buck

by Game & Fish Staff   |  November 7th, 2011 9

Jeff McCabe took a true Southern California trophy buck in D15.

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D15 is a California deer hunting zone where there's just not a lot of bucks taken each year and for good reason. Sitting squarely in Southern California, which boasts a human population of more than 22,000,000, a hunter has to work extremely hard to find deer to shoot, let alone a good buck.

  • Jim

    Great local Buck ! Congratulations !

  • adecker44

    Having lived 8 years in SoCal…I can totally appreciate the work that went into taking a deer like that in that zone…congrats on a special deer.

  • Dennis

    True Hunter

  • Donn N.

    Wow, nice buck. Hunting and SoCal are not usually things that go together. Talk about obstacles to overcome…

    Is that single shot rifle even legal there?

  • @kerrymackey

    Jeff, way to go my friend. What a buck for SoCal

    Pastor Kerry
    Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen
    Yorba Linda, Ca

  • r.b. wright outdoors

    Great story – the way it should be.. Congrats on a fantastic hunt and trophy.

  • Landon

    I cant imagine how much work it took to find that darn thing. You just do not see deer here in SoCal. And they are NEVER that big

  • bob tovar

    I've hunted SoCal for a long time, and bucks like that dont come by often. Great Job!

  • Cat Creek Outdoors

    The ca records of big game has a category for bucks down there: Southern Mule deer… They are in a genetic class to themselves. Not sure if this is in that zone… It may be in the CA Muley zone. Please contact us Mr. McCabe for entry. Bill Lentz… Cat Creek Outdoors/CAcRecirds of Big Game.

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