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32 Trophy Bucks of 2010

by Staff Report   |  September 13th, 2011 7

Here’s a look at some of the best trophy bucks of 2010 from around the nation.

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Brian Inda - Wisconsin

A very pleased Brian Inda poses with the 187 5/8-inch buck he killed on a Christmas tree farm last fall. Photo courtesy of Brian Inda.

  • leland farris

    I would like to go hunt for a "christmas tree" on this farm also. Beautiful buck.

    • matt wingers

      I would just like to mention this is now the new # 1 typical bow kill in Wisconsin. Great job Brian !

  • morris lee

    Love the UK cap !

  • Reid Hutches

    I wonder how many christmas trees this buck rubbed to nubs??
    Great Buck!!

  • Dan K.

    You have to be kidding! Not one deer from Illinois, where you will see some of the biggest deer around?!?

  • LV123

    It's funny looking at the scores people put in here for there deer. 80% are stretched way beyond the truth. Look at the TERI HENLEY buck. She has it listed at 182? Thing won't touch 150.

  • Mike K

    Some of those scores are way off in my opinion. All great deer but there is no way on a few of them. Not one Illinois deer either….something smells funny????

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