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Hunting Illinois Whitetail

30-Point Doe Taken in Illinois

by Game & Fish Staff   |  December 13th, 2011 36

Da Yoopers and their famous hunting camp song “Da Turdy Point Buck” might have material for a follow up hit, only this time the title will be “Da Turdy Point Doe (Yes…a Doe).”

According to the Hornel Evening Tribune, Illinois hunter Richard Lomas took the deer during the second shotgun season near West Salem.

The non-typical “she-buck’s” head looks like ground zero for a horn explosion with bone splaying about in all directions, including a still-in-velvet drop tine.

  • Andy

    Not sure I would ant to eat the meat from this one!!

  • Doyle

    Meat is meat what ever the gender.

  • jim

    More photos????? Would like to see that rack from a different angle.

  • Chuck

    Is there a nuclear power plant near West Salem??

    • David

      West Salem is a small town there no nuclear plant in area.

  • john

    I would say the same, This deer is a freak. As lady gaga would say it was born this way.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, i dont think God intended for this

    • guest

      It was made by the Devil then…

    • Joe

      Does that tell you anything?

      • Jack Rague LaFleur

        It tells me that this deer must've been a Godless homosexual deer. A lesbian. This was the Chaz Bono of deer, and the devil marked it with this crazy overgrowth of masculinity. It was this lesbian deer's Scarlett Letter – made to warn other deer of where this doe's tongue had been, INSIDE ANOTHER DOE'S CROTCH!! God never built deer with a hip that had the rotational range of motion that would be required for a quadraped to scissor. They were made for ventro-dorsal copulation ONLY. When this deer decided to scissor another deer, that was the beginning of the end. This dumb doe had eaten the apple! That entitled this doe to wear the Mark of the Beast – this hideous crown of droptine disgustingness!!! Well…rest assured – this deer is not in heaven. Its being eternally hunted in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christopher Harper

    Here in California we have very limited access to taking a doe. Most are through youth hunts or draws through various clubs. Otherwise it is not legal to take a doe. I have heard of a baron doe growing forks or even three and four points. The hunter's that shot these animals were fined for shooting them. This one would make it hard to fine the hunter.

    • NY bowhunter

      You have got to be kiddiing, you said they were fined. For shooting a doe with antlers?? How were they to know it was a doe? I guess in California you wait till the deer is running and you can hear their nuts clicking together.

      • michael

        LMAO…… The people here in Ca. are crazy.

        • J Bush

          No! It Seems only the state Game Officials are Crazy :O)

    • Drake Puckett

      There is no such thing as a doe permit in any state. It is an antlerless deer permit! This deer would qualify as an antlered deer, therefore it would be tagged with an antlered deer tag not an antlerless deer tag!

    • Randy

      California law sucks.If you are out buck hunting and see a deer with legal horns,what do they expect you to do?Wait until you can see balls?Every hunter would assume that since it had horns it would be a buck.Surely the hunters who were fined went to court and beat the case.

    • Sherm

      After you finish field dressing a deer it's hard to tell if it was a buck or a doe……being fined for shooting a doe with antlers sounds like an urban legend or rumor to me. Are there laws in CA that state how many points an animal must have before it can be harvested? Hunters can count, but they can sex deer from a distance so there must be more to these events.

      • Sherm

        "can't" sex deer from a distance…………(and some may not be able to count)

    • shootist

      I have always heard that Kalifornia is the land where fruits and nuts ripened in the sun. Obiviously that is expecially true for government agencies

  • cecil

    well know he can shot a buck when he gos backout bones

  • Carl Nelson

    How does this score with Boone and Crocket?

  • Paul/Kentucky

    Drake you are soooo right !!! Antlered or antlerless is the way the regulations read !!! I would also love to see some different angles of this deer.

  • Brokenstrings

    I would have to call this girl "Madoosa". Man, just a awsome looking rack.

  • deerslayer

    it looks like the back part of the horns are older then the front

  • Nick Nobile

    dame whata freaky looking deer. any1 know how to post ur own picture on here or send it in?? ive looked all over the site and cant figure it out someone please recoment if u get a chance thanks, Nick

    • ranger 82

      Put your cursor on the edge of 30 point buck. Hold the right button down on your mouse-DON'T LET GO! Drag your cursor to the right and then down. Everything should turn BLUE. Let go of your mouse button. Put your cursor on the PRINTED words that's keft of the photo. RIGHT CLICK. SELECT "COPY"
      Now open a new word document. When it opens, select the clipboard in your tool bar ( on top of page)
      The picture and article should copy.
      Go to "FILE" select "SAVE AS" and put it on your desk top.
      You can now send it to everyone by drag & drop.
      You can also right click your file, select E-mail & click , your reaDY TO SEND with THE ATTACHED FILE :)

  • Bob Vance

    Freakish deer are not new. I know of a man who shot a 3-point doe back in the '40's or 50's. When he realized it was a doe, he called the game warden, who told him that he wasn't hunting buck or doe, but antlered or antlerless deer. I heard of an 8-point doe that was taken several years ago not far from where I lived most of my life. I worked with a man who, in 1990, I think it was, shot a 17-point buck…in FULL VELVET!!! Turned out he had no testicles, and, as a result, never shed his velvet or antlers. But, this 30-point doe really takes the cake for freakishness.

  • Noah

    A real animal freak show! I'd mount that head for sure!!!

  • jack

    why yeah , mount that head ,awesome rack even for a buck ! same for me — is there more pics of this deer

  • Rick

    Its a Lady Gaga deer; it doesn't know what it is and neither does anyone else.

    • Marc

      Its te Madusa doe !!!

  • Country

    The deer is Beautiful compared to lady Gaga !! I could see mounting the deer unlike her !

  • cave

    ga ga aint worth the price of a bullet

  • brennan bolds

    that so fake

  • Hunter

    it's a really good fake though. but fake or no fake , if it's a deer, eat it.

  • dan

    some years ago my friend picked off the biggest rack on a hillside 300 yards away only to find out it was a 5×5 muley doe! no picture but stuff does happen. dan in idaho.

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