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Florida Hunting

16-Foot Florida Python Swallows Doe

by Game & Fish Staff   |  November 11th, 2011 20

Super-sized snake punches tag on 76-pound nanny.

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Deer tag or not, a 16-foot python cruising through the Florida Everglades punched the ticket on a whitetail doe, swallowing the 76-pound nanny whole. Photo Courtesy South Florida Water Management District

  • Jean

    what did you do with the snake?

    • Marc

      Thats a lot of snake skin boots!

    • Kyle

      My thought is the snake has already been killed. If it were still alive I'm sure the man in the boat would be holding the snakes head!

  • Dean

    Most likely, the snake was re-located to a zoo or destroyed as they are not only extremely dangerous to humans and wildlife but they are very bad for the Florida environment. They do not "fit in" to the wildlife program for this area. Irresponsible pet owners turn them loose when they get too large to handle or just get tired of owning them. Not to mention, it is a violation of the law to do so. They have become a very serious problem in Florida and other states. You can read all about it, just Google it and read for yourself. Hopefully it was put in a zoo so the warped PETA folks (who would rather see a 4-year old child eaten by one rather than harm the poor reptile) won't start crying about it.

  • babs

    The snake was dispatched with a shotgun, then gutted. The snake is dead.

  • Richard Wellinghurst

    Just another ood example of why I suggest a bounty be placed on these and simular invasive species with open season on them in the everglades and other south flordia environs.

  • Trapper

    If they put a $200 bounty on all pythons down there, the unemployed rednecks would rid the swamps of them by this time next year. It would be a financial shot in the arm to a bunch of unemployed folks and the snakes would not last long. Instead, FWC wants to hontz around and only alllow "permitted' persons to kill the darn things. I beleive there are 30 of them permitted.

    • Eddie Norton

      From what i hear it takes like two years to get all the permits from FWC. That may be to hunt in the park though as well.

  • Randy Beck

    I like the bounty idea.I'm not a redneck, but would consider hunting them…..THEY DON'T BELONG IN THIS COUNTRY.

    • Soljerblue

      Lots of "things" don't belong in this country

      • TooSoon


  • Donna

    Another prime example of idiots wanting to own "weird" pets and turning them loose on the public. It should be illegal ANYWHERE to keep snakes as pets.

    • Chris

      Why let a few 'bad apples' spoil the whole bunch? There are plenty of responsible snake owners out there. Why ruin it for them, just because some idiots broke the law and let theirs loose? There's no need to make new laws…just enforce the ones that are already on the books.

  • jan

    my feeling are bounty, catch/keep alive & return to country of origin….let them deal w/ them!!!!! our folks get pd.,Fla gets rid & that country gets them back…Peta is happ, y Fla'
    is happy, the Everglades wildlife IS let to live in less fear!!!!

  • Jake

    How about if the residents kill everyone they see and let the Florida Wildlife Dept try and do something about it.. The public (except the Peta bimbos) would go ballistic if they tried to arrest someone for fixing a problem the Dept helped create. It is the imbecile law letting people possess these invaders that caused the problem in the first place. Not letting the public assist with the extermination of this destructive vermin is assinine.Government arrogance and incompetence at its best.

  • shootist

    The REAL rednecks are the PETA , HSUS, FWD and USFWS . Why will Government PAY you to get rid of evasive plants, and not evasive animals?

  • anonymous

    i used to live in Florida when I was younger and it scares me to look back and realize i lived that close to those things. I'd love to see rednecks go out and kill a bunch. Animal Planet would jump all over that. they have a show on catching rattle snakes and Florida people being attacked by animals. Whynot have Python invasion a new show. If people will watch 2-3 feet rattlesnakes be caught they should love 16 foot pythons being hunted.

  • guest

    what ever happened to necessary poaching… put your iphone up and keep walking,those pics on the web are what brings attention…kill it leave it problem solved,no your not famous,but what do you want fame or rid of a problem… and whats up with people posting on here and including the phrase "im not a redneck" if your here youare guilty by association if nothing else wtf… just saying

  • Steven

    I'm a Redneck, born and raised in the woods of Florida. I no longer get in the water to hunt and call in ducks to my decoys because of these damn large snakes. Gators are not a pro dublem compared to these things. Bird dogs have another threat added to their list of potential death and/or dismemberment dangers. Gee, maybe that these creatures are becoming such a threat, open season may become a reality. Finally, when the legal game start to become less and less, and hunters are NOT buying licences, maybe our State will act sensibly.

  • Fred

    Kill all of them ! They are aliens to Florida, we have enough aliens here now!

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