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15 Best Hunting & Fishing Apps for 2014

by Preston Keck   |  January 7th, 2014 18

From social media to organizing your daily schedule, you can do almost anything with apps. The hunting industry didn’t take long to follow suit and carve out their piece of the app market.

After sifting through an endless amount of hunting and fishing apps for this piece, we tried to follow the road less traveled. The first thing we looked for was uniqueness. We tried to find apps that were one-of-a-kind, informative, and impactful to the sportsman’s daily life whether afield, afloat, or in the cubicle. The next criterion for the list was intuitiveness. If an app isn’t easy to use, it has a short shelf life on our devices. Lastly, we looked for apps that were useful.  If an app doesn’t help us accomplish something, whether it’s wasting time in the waiting room before that romantic yearly physical, or deciding whether or not the conditions are right to hunt or fish, it doesn’t make the cut.

We have narrowed the list of useful apps for sportsman down to 15, in no particular order.  While there was no winner, some of the apps on the list stood out because they are just pretty darn neat.  For example, allows users to buy and sell fishing honey holes on the internet.  OnXmap’s Hunt offers users a bird’s eye view of property boundaries and property owner’s names. is a robust and powerful trail camera tool that gives a whole new meaning to game management.

Although these were just a few of the cool apps we came across, all the apps proved to be a creative, unique, and beneficial tool to making us sportsmen more lethal, or at least less bored at work. If you get a chance download these apps, do it. You wont be disappointed.


What are your favorite hunting apps? Share them with us in the comments!

  • Chip

    Best Hunting resource App I have seen is not a “App” per say but a website. our club uses it all the time. great for game management, safety, and wind/stand statistics.

    • Preston Keck

      Thanks for the tip! I will keep that in mind next time. Happy Huntin!

  • Preston Keck

    check out could be amazing once it is released

  • Team HUNT

    Thanks for the mention, Preston. We’re very happy with the direction that the HUNT App by onXmaps is heading. We offer both iOS and Android platforms and are expanding to new states rapidly. Free trials are also available so that you can test out the app before you buy a state membership. See more info here:

  • Moonman

    We like FishCast/HuntCast and FishTimes/HuntTimes from DataSport. They seem to be extremely accurate and easy to use.

  • Jason Mayer

    Best app that I use for both hunting and fishing is Connected Afield. The app is FREE and it has 7 features such as: weather, mapping, solunar, private journal, state regulations in all 50 states, classifieds, and a social feed. Check out their website at: for more info and to download.

  • Byron Oldham

    I wrote an app to keep track of my preference and bonus points in many states. I help apply for many of my nephews and my brothers. It was taking tons of time. It helps me apply for there hunts and warns me of deadlines if I have points for that animal in that state and have not applied with less than 2 days to go before the application deadline. Is this of any use to others? This app is called PointHunter and is on the google play store.

    • Byron Oldham

      PointHunter actually looks up the points you have from the state websites.

  • Fiskelog

    you may want to check out new app for fishing

  • Brandon G

    Check out to better track your hunts this season.

  • Byron

    PointHunter or Point Hunter is an app from Gotmy tag that looks up all your preference points and gives you reminders of when the application periods are for big game hunts mostly in the west. Watch how it works on youtube.

  • Aliona Leontyeva

    Another useful app for hunting is Spyglass. The app was designed for outdoor navigation, and brings augmented reality navigation, save your blinds and stands location, show them on maps and on the augmented reality display, and navigate precisely to them later.
    It also serves as binoculars, a compass, a speedometer, an altimeter, a rangefinder, and an angular calculator.

  • zprag

    Great article! is a super easy simple iphone app for tracking, finding and sharing fish

  • Michael Chad Sears

    Yeah, the GunSafe App sounds GREAT! (He says sarcastically) Go ahead and load ALL of your gun info into an App that will share that info and store it in a cloud and be accessed by the government at some point to know EXACTLY what you have for weapons.

  • John

    Gun Vault is definitely better than gun safe!!!

  • Almakos

    Not a realistic fishing game, but still quite interesting game for all fishing fans: (YouTube) (App Store)

  • Brandon

    The new Quiver Hunting App is live and definitely worth checking out –

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