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11 Monster Moose You Didn’t Know About

by Eric Conn   |  October 17th, 2012 2

Whether it’s their prehistoric features, breathtaking size or the dreamy destinations you can go to hunt them, moose seem to hold a special place in the heart of hunters everywhere.

Speaking of massive size, we’ve compiled this list, including a world record moose shot by “The Rackman” Real Langolis in 2008. And since you can watch the entire hunt onlilne, including Langlois’ closeup with a monster, we thought it was a worthy mention.

We’ve also got quite a few Average Joe’s thrown into the mix, like Aaron Folk with his North Dakota state record bull killed in 2012. For whatever reason, 2012 has already proven to be a great year for record moose, including Tom Condon’s 1,500-pound Alaskan giant killed in October. At the age of 73, Condon became the proud owner of a 73-inch spread rack, something he’ll never forget.

In celebration of all the great moose hunting going on this year and in the past, Game & Fish brings you our list of lost trophies. Hopefully it’s all the inspiration you need to plan your next destination moose hunt.

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