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It’s a Hit! These 10 Shooting Targets Are Fun!

by Doug Howlett   |  March 28th, 2012 2

To develop solid shooting skills, a hunter must build coordination and muscle memory among his eyes, hands and the firearm in order to connect as intended every time. And the only way to do this is to shoot. Before you start to complain about how target shooting lacks the excitement of hunting, you first need look at the variety of shooting targets available today that make shooting easier, more enjoyable and downright fun. Take a look at some of today’s top shooting targets and I bet you’ll agree, target shooting can be just as engaging as your time spent in the field, and best of all, shooting is always in season.


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We are being invaded by Zombies! If not literally, then on TV, in movies and on the web for sure. To do your part to save humanity, Birchwood Casey's Darkotic Blook Trail Splattering targets let you get in some realistic practice on the undead. The 12- by 18-inch targets offer some of the coolest walking dead shooting fun to be had. The reactive splattering targets make direct hits quick and easy to identify. They come in packs of eight full-color images of both undead humanoids, like an apocalyptic Pizza Guy and animals that are way past rabies.

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