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hunting dogs

How to Turn Out Do-All Hunting Dogs

by Captain John Gribb 0

Springer spaniels can be great hunting dogs and a pleasure to wingshoot over — if you invest the time to… more »

hunting dogs

5 Steps to Recharge Your Hard-Hunting Dog

by admin 0

  This routine provides all the benefits hunting dogs need  for better performance the next morning and over the course… more »

hunting dogs

What Makes Labs Great Hunting Dogs?

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

They are our most popular breed of dog, but not all Labrador retrievers are hunters. Here’s what they need to… more »

hunting dog

4 Steps To Train Your Hunting Dog To Recover Game

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Whether you lose a mortally wounded deer through thick cover or through the loss of a blood trail, a hunting… more »

bird dogs

Tips to Keep Bird Dogs Safe in Cold Weather

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Pay special attention to your bird dogs when the temps dip on late-season hunts. By Tom Dokken A few years… more »

squirrel dogs

5 Common Squirrel Dogs Used for Hunting

by Keith Sutton 0

Here’s a look at five breeds of squirrel dogs commonly used in small-game hunting. To many people, the words “cur”… more »

grouse hunting

Training Dogs for Grouse Hunting

by Mike Marsh 0

Train your dog to work with you and you’re in for some good grouse hunting. When it comes to hunting… more »

waterfowl dogs

‘Steady to Shot’ Tips for Training Waterfowl Dogs

by M.D. Johnson 0

Teach your dog the cardinal rule for waterfowl dogs, and enforce it. Most things in life worth doing are not… more »

pheasant dog1_md_johnson feature

How to Train a Top Pheasant Dog: Expert Advice

by M.D. Johnson 0

Three experts explain what they look for in a pheasant dog. By M.D. Johnson Based on our first three black… more »

hunting dog

Great Grouse Hunting Dog Breeds

by Brad Eden 0

A panel of experts weigh in on key characteristics of great grouse hunting dogs. By Brad Eden Stories about great ruffed… more »

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