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Exclusive Look: New Hunting Firearms & Ammo at OSG Roundtable

by John Geiger   |  August 15th, 2018 0
new hunting firearms

Game & Fish Magazines Editor in Chief John Geiger tried out some great new hunting gear at the Outdoor Sportsman Group Roundtable. (Photo by Joe Kriz)

As the season starts, we found some great new hunting firearms and ammo.

Game & Fish Editor in Chief John Geiger recently attended the Outdoor Sportsman Group Roundtable, where he got an up-close look at some of the best new hunting firearms and ammo. Here are four items that stood out.


Ruger American

  • Folks love their Ruger Americans, which were at the forefront of the super-accurate, super-affordable movement a few years ago. One thing that bugged folks was the magazines, which were a bit flimsy. Ruger heard the feedback and has a new take on the mag well. These mags are AI-comparable, but they are not flush like previous American mags. But we think you will like them anyway.


Federal Premium Black Cloud TSS

  • Federal Premium had tremendous success with their TSS tungsten-alloy turkey load earlier this year, so they put it in a waterfowl load. BlackCloud TSS has their famous BlackCloud mix of shot plus TSS shot. It’ll tear them up in a big way.


Hodgdon Powder Triple Seven FireStar Pellets

  • Anyone who uses a muzzleloader knows those cylindrical powder pellets. But Hodgdon has a clever new take on the shape. Wish I thought of that!


TriStar Viper G2 Bronze

  • There are precious few semi-auto .410s    Because it’s so hard to get them to cycle various shells consistently. Remington did it in their 1100 series and now TriStar is trying to make a go of it as well with their Turkish imports. How did it go? Check out the video.


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