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Gun Review: Top 5 New Shotguns for 2014

by Game & Fish Staff 0

These shotguns are the latest…but are they the greatest? It was a tough job but someone had to do it…. more »


Best Waterfowl Shotguns for 2014

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

If the waterfowl forecast for 2014 holds true, this season will be one you’ll want to be 100 percent ready… more »


10 Best Turkey Shotguns for 2014

by David Hart 4

No group of hunters is as fanatical about their sport as turkey hunters. Who can blame us? The sound of… more »


The Best New Shotguns for Predator Hunting in 2014

by Skip Knowles 0

Skip Knowles rounds up the best new shotguns for predator hunting in 2014.


10 Hot New Turkey Hunting Gear Products for 2014

by John Geiger 0

Here is a flock of new turkey hunting gear you will want to consider putting in your vest or strapping to your back this season.


10 Best New Hunting Guns from SHOT Show 2014

by John Geiger 1

Our Gear Editor choose the top hunting guns that will give you a head start as you search out your own favorite new rifles, shotguns and more in 2014.


Best New Hunting Rifles & Shotguns Under $600

by John Geiger 0

A big trend at this year’s SHOT Show was quality bargain guns. If you want great hunting gear to shoot… more »


10 Quality Turkey Guns for Under $600

by Jason Herbert 3

It’s that time of year again, when for a few magical months each spring we take a break from whitetail… more »


Introducing the CZ-USA 612 Pump Shotgun

by Eric Conn 0

CZ-USA was at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas for the reveal of their new 612 pump shotgun line…. more »


Seven Turkey Shotguns Worth a Look

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Any of these thunder sticks will more than get the job done on a thunder chicken this spring!

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