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Best Centerfire Rifles for 2014

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  October 19th, 2014 0

Whether you’re in need of a new rifle or just in the mood for some eye candy, we’ve got your 2014 centerfire fix.

Every year manufacturers outdo themselves to give rifle shooters new state-of-the-art products, and every year we fight the urge to make our gun lockers a little more crowded. We don’t blame you if you cave this year—2014 has one hell of a tempting selection. 

We’ve compiled and reviewed a large variety of centerfire rifles to give each brand of hunter—hog, dog or deer—a well-rounded collection to choose from. Any rifle shooter worth his weight in game meat will be able to tell you that every rifle has a unique personality and that the best rifle is the one that best fits your personality as a hunter.

So, we’ve laid out what we think are some of the best centerfire options for this season, it’s up to you to find a match.  

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