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10 Great Turkey Loads for 2014

by David Hart 0

David Hart rounds up 10 of the best turkey loads for 2014 to make sure your prepared for going afield again.


10 Best Turkey Shotguns for 2014

by David Hart 2

No group of hunters is as fanatical about their sport as turkey hunters. Who can blame us? The sound of… more »


The Best New Shotguns for Predator Hunting in 2014

by Skip Knowles 0

Skip Knowles rounds up the best new shotguns for predator hunting in 2014.


10 Hot New Turkey Hunting Gear Products for 2014

by John Geiger 0

Here is a flock of new turkey hunting gear you will want to consider putting in your vest or strapping to your back this season.

kim rhode, olympic medals, skeet shooter

G&F Interview: Olympic Champion Kim Rhode Does a “Little Bit” of Shooting

by Sarah Kellner 0

Kim Rhode has won five Olympic medals for double trap and skeet shooting, but we found out some things that might surprise you.

ruger-american-rimfire (1)

SHOT Show: Introducing Ruger’s American Hunting Rifles for 2014

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Ruger’s got a great new line of hunting rifles this year, and we had the pleasure of testing them our at the range at this year’s SHOT Show.


10 Best New Hunting Guns from SHOT Show 2014

by John Geiger 0

Our Gear Editor choose the top hunting guns that will give you a head start as you search out your own favorite new rifles, shotguns and more in 2014.

Region capture 1

November’s Best Picks for Hunting Gear: Knives, ATV’s and More

by John Geiger 0

This month our Gear Editor gives his top picks on affordable hunting gear and fishing gear from knives to air rifles to the newest ATV’s on the market and more.


Gun Review: .22-Caliber Umarex Octane Air Gun

by John Geiger 0

If you owned an air gun as a kid and haven’t shot one in awhile, you’re going to appreciate them… more »


Best New Hunting Rifles & Shotguns Under $600

by John Geiger 0

A big trend at this year’s SHOT Show was quality bargain guns. If you want great hunting gear to shoot… more »

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