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What’s in Your Turkey Vest? 10 Items You Should Pack

by John Geiger   |  April 11th, 2017 0

If you’re wondering what turkey gear to pack in your hunting vest this spring, give a listen to expert Dan Moultrie, who shares with Game & Fish what he makes sure is in his vest before a hunt.

turkey gear

Dan Moultrie (File photo)

If hunting has a Mr. Alabama, it’s probably Dan Moultrie. Perhaps best known as the guy who made automatic feeders and trail cams available to the masses, Moultrie is a tireless advocate for hunting and sound game-management laws.

The chairman of the state game advisory board and founder of Moultrie Feeders is just as passionate about his turkey hunting. A peek into his turkey vest reveals his ties to the South’s rich turkey-hunting tradititions, personal items both practical and clever, and modern conveniences you can’t blame him for carrying.

turkey gear


A classic crow call made by P.S. Olt and the latest competition K&H owl call made by champion Mark Prudhomme sit side-by-side in Dan Moultrie’s Mossy Oak vest.

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turkey gear


“God First, Family Second and Nature Third” box call. These hand-made calls were featured at the NWTF convention. This one is signed by Harold Knight and David Hale.

turkey gear


On a hunt with the magazine recently, Moultrie tuned up his calls constantly as he called in a fine mature Eastern gobbler.

turkey gear


The Ol’ Yeller pot call was the original one David and Harold brought to market in the early 1970s. The Moonshiner is one of the latest glass calls out on the market.

turkey gear


Similarly, Dan has three strikers in his vest. Two are classic wooden pens while there is the latest technology as well: the Echo Tech striker, released in 2016.

turkey gear


Nowadays, Dan enjoys guiding people to turkeys and calling the birds in as much as shooting them himself. But he always carries one extra 12-gauge 3 1/2-inch shell for his shooter, just in case.

turkey gear


Another classic, the effective cap and cover sports one of the original Moultrie Feeder logos.

turkey gear



Keeping with the old-and-new theme, if you’re not familiar with this new device, you’ve been under a rock. ThermaCELL’s bug repellent keeps flying insects away by emitting a cloud of permethrin.

turkey gear


Eastern turkeys are regarded as some of the toughest birds to call in. Moultrie carries a real fan in his vest to pop out when the toms need firing up.

turkey gear


He carries a classic Schrade Old Timer Pro in a leather sheath. He choses a drop-point blade, one of the most versatile blade types there are.

turkey gear

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