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13 New Products that Will Change Your Turkey Season

by Brian McCombie   |  March 21st, 2013 0

One of the great things about a new spring turkey hunting season is all the new products designed to help you bag that monster long beard. From calls to decoys—and most everything in between—a number of new products hit the market just in time to make a big and positive impact on your 2013 spring turkey hunts.

Of course, it’s turkey “hunting,” not turkey “shooting.” Ole Tom takes some work, and any new piece of gear is only as good as the time you spend learning how to use it— and perfecting that use afield. You can practice with your new call for hours on your back deck, for example, and that’s a great way to build familiarity. But out in the woods and fields is where your real gear education starts.

That’s what turkey hunting is all about—being in the great outdoors and seeing if you can coax, cajole or generally fool that big tom within range. If you’re a dedicated turkey hunter, anything that makes this possible—like a new call or decoy—can be well worth the price of admission. Here’s our list of new and innovative turkey hunting gear for 2013:

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