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Sitka Stratus Jacket Made For Tree Stands

by John Geiger   |  June 23rd, 2011 5

The Sitka Stratus jacket is made for tree stand bowhunters. The soft shell helps you stay quiet even if you rub against your stand or the tree your up against as you reach for your bow. The arms are fully articulated, which makes drawing easier. The jacket and bib are lean on pockets, and that’s a good thing. Bowhunters like to stay light, and we don’t want extra flaps, zipper ropes and bulk in our way.

The Sitka Stratus Jacket has a breatheable Gore Windstopper shell and is made for freezing temperatures and above, although it keeps me comfortable all day in a tree stand. Gun hunters would probably be interested in Sitka’s Incinerator, a beefier parka that has a 700-fill down interior and Gore-Tex shell.

The camo pattern is not Realtree or Mossy Oak but a new pattern Sitka has developed specifically for tree-stand hunters. Gore Optifade Concealment Forest pattern is a digital pattern that was made based on the way scientists think whitetail see. A macro and micro pattern are combined to make an elevated hunter blend into background without contrasts and without trying to match any specific foliage.

While it’s tough to prove how a deer sees you in the stand, the Stratus worked as advertised in my tree stand by keeping me comfortable, quiet and ready for the next opportunity.

You’ll find that the Sitka Stratus Jacket is a highly technical piece of clothing, which means each part is made to do the job at hand. You’ll pay for that advantage ($229 for the jacket, $229 for the bib). But hardcore bowhunters know the worth of quality.

  • Don Myers

    I am 79, still bow hunt. Do you have any idea how many different camo. out fits and patterns I have now? If I could sell them all I could buy a new car. Think I'll pass on this one although I like it.

  • Chad Bell

    Don, You should treat yourself to something new! It really is an outstanding piece of gear that can be used in several different scenarios and yes quality does come at a higher price. Sitka Gear refuses to make gear to meet price points to "just sell more gear"….That is key in their pursuit of building the highest quality and most technically advanced gear system on the market today. It is a "System" not just a jacket or bibs…It is a layering system that when properly utilized is unmatched!

  • John Geiger

    Don, Sounds like you could open a camo museum! I'm glad your current gear works for you, and happy to hear you're still bowhunting. That's what's most important.

    • Jim

      Is this the John from Grand Lake Of The Cherokees?

      • John Geiger

        Nope, Jim. It's John from the "Land" of the Cherokees in northwest Georgia.

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