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Quick Tip: Getting Started with Archery Hunting

by John Felsher   |  August 28th, 2017 0

You can find archery hunting gear in your price range, but it’s got to be the right equipment for you.

By John Felsher

For about $500, sportsmen can buy an introductory archery package complete with a bow, a few arrows and accessories.

However, they need to pick the right equipment.

archery hunting

Photo by Ron Sinfelt

Much more than with a firearm, an ill-fitting bow could greatly diminish accuracy and effectiveness.

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“People who shoot ill-fitting bows will always struggle with accuracy,” advised Joella Bates, world champion archer and big game hunter.

“A bow with a proper draw length for a given archer will shoot more accurately and cause less fatigue than an improperly sized bow. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to start bow hunting go to a reputable archery shop to get measured for the proper draw length bow.”

Archers must also practice frequently to hone proficiency at placing arrows in a precise spot at a given range. After making initial investments for equipment, archers can practice practically anywhere for little cost.

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