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Pheasant Hunting with Prairie Storm Shotshells

by John Geiger   |  September 12th, 2011 5

Federal Premium’s Prairie Storm shotshells have technology — like Flightstopper shot and a rear-breaking wad —that can drop pheasant beyond what you’d expect.


  • Paul Pierce

    I suppose these shells are pretty expensive if taking after the Black Cloud shells. Practice your aim and there will be no reason to spend a lot of cash on these. I'm sure they work fine but are not neccessary.

  • Paul Clark

    I used Prairie Storm ammunition last year and there is a remarkable difference in performance. So far I have only used it in my Citori Skeet Gun, and the range is much better. This year I am using my Citori early, and as the birds become more wild I will use my Franchi with Carlson Choke tubes, specially designed for Prairie Storm ammunition, for early and late season hunting. I hunt over English Pointers and early in the year I tend to shoot too fast and tear up a lot of meat which accounts for my using a skeet bore, FYI, There is a big difference in the patterns produced by Prairie Storm as compared to other ammunition, and with the specialized choke tubes the efficiency increases significantly. You can contact Carlson for more information via the internet.

  • Bill

    Is Prairie Storm ammunition legal in steel-only states?

    • John Geiger


      Where you have to shoot steel, Prairie Storm FS Steel is legal. It has a 50-50 mix of steel and Flightstopper steel, the unique "saturn-looking" shot that's supposed to fly differently and cut better. I comes in a 1-1/8 ounce payload at sizzles out the muzzle at 1,600 fps.

  • Dan McPhail

    DJ Dan here, 64 years young from southeast Michigan pheasant hunter since age 9. Have taken hundreds of wild and preserve birds in my 55 plus seasons. Used to be a cylinder and 7 1/2 shot man since i shoot quick but had cripples and runners past 90 feet. Upon trying Prairie Storm i found out how far into the roosters rear the #5 PS, and Fiochi Golden Pheasant with nickel, contributing to the no runner clean dead when they hit the ground humane 35-50 yard shot. #4's get risky in populated areas (a friend i hunted with broke a 900 Anderson window at 300 yards with express 4's 15 years ago!) but i still use improved cylinder and with all these makers pheasant specific shot material and cup with open choke you have a 40 yard sure humane killer. they are all 4 makers more than worth the 20 buck a box price if you respect a clean killed rooster with less shot in it. the picture on the Pr. Storm showing 20 lethal hits in a rooster pattern sheet at 40 yards with IC says it all.

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