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New Gear: Nikon Rangefinder Stops the Shakes

by John Geiger   |  April 7th, 2017 0

New gear: Nikon’s Monarch 7i VR LRF is the first of its kind with vibration-reducing technology.

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Nikon’s Monarch 7i VR LRF

It’s tough to keep a reticle on a target a couple hundred yards away.

Even in the best of circumstances, you can’t keep the LRF perfectly still, and when you’re looking at a trophy game animal, it’s hard to control the shakes.

Nikon knows what you’re dealing with, and the optics company used the technology from their vibration-reducing spotting scope and put it in that little LRF. The Monarch 7i VR is the first of its kind.

We tried it out at the Archery Trade Association show earlier this year, and more recently in the field, and were blown away. It’s probably the best new product we saw at the annual new-product expo.

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The VR Function begins immediately when the laser rangefinder is turned on. It reads the target very quickly — in less than a half-second — and has an effective measurement range of 8 yards to 1,000 yards.

It displays measurements in .1-yard increments.

You’ll find it in stores for less than $400. That’s pretty steep for a full-featured LRF, but we think all LRFs will have some kind of VR technology within a few years.

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