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New Bows for 2011

by Bill Winke   |  July 14th, 2011 8

With bow openers just around the corner, now might be a great time to check out these new rigs hitting the marketplace for 2011.

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Bear Carnage

I always enjoy shooting Bear bows. They are smooth, quiet, recoil free and at least fast enough to hang with the competition. The Carnage features Bear's new Skeleton Cam single-cam system that produces plenty of speed without being harsh. Advertised IBO rating is 345 fps with a 7 1/4-inch brace height, the Carnage is 32 inches long. Other features include the Dual Arc Offset String Suppressors and a new roller cable guard system. The grip is narrow and comfortable. MSRP is $849.

  • mitchell sullivan

    I own 3 Bowtechs (2 Sentinels & 1 Tribute) & as impressed as I am with them I cant wait to get my hands on the Invasion because they are the most forgiving bows Ive ever shot.

  • ryan sullivan

    theres a reason why the best shooters in the world shoot HOYT , there is not abetter built more acurate and forgivingbow on the market , there 3yr old alphamax will out shoot anyof these new bows hands down

  • James Ray Moore

    I started shooting m50 Darton in computision year's ago, it was the first bow I could get to tune wright. I then bought a PSE magna flight express, I fell in love with it. Darton was a very good bow.

  • James Ray Moore

    Looking good PSE as alway's

  • Doug

    Where are the new Diamonds

  • jason

    If your gonna spend the money get the best matheews z7 extreme is faster than the hoyts smoother than them all and extra compact if a short bow is not your theing try the ez7, or z7 magnum also the z7 and monsters are great choices to and thugh the msrp is 899 i bought my extreme for 750.00

    • Grasshopper1945

      If you are going to spend the money on a bow do not go for the brand hype, buy the one that fits you. I shoot PSE, my son shoots a Martin, my wife shoots a PSE and my daughter shoots a Browning. This is what fit them, not what fit me. The individual will tell you which one they prefer, any good (legitimate) bow shop will let you buy the bow that fits, not the one that they make the most profit on.

  • doggie

    I saw 10 mechanical devises featured in this article. I did not see a bow!

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