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The Cutting Edge: New Hunting Knives & Tools for 2014

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  October 20th, 2014 0


One of the tools hunters depend upon most. Each year, the industry’s top knife and multi-tool manufacturers sharpen their skills and refine their craft to put the most advanced technology into your hand. How you use the knife in the field will not have changed, but the vast array of options to chose from has.

Whether we’re talking about ATVs, blenders or baseball bats, the common denominator is that lighter materials, stronger metals and user-specialized designs are at the forefront of today’s engineering. Hunting knives and multi-toolsthe simplest of mechanical devices—have not escaped the movement.


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Festive frills and decorations aside, the tool you’ll have for years to come will be the one that proves itself reliable time and time again. The engineers behind these models designed them with exactly that in mind.

After a decade of use in the field will, these tools will in all likelihood remain as cutting edge as ever. Check out what these new options for 2014 bring to the hunt:

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