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deer hunting knives

6 Great Knives for Deer Hunting

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Knives are a crucial part of a successful hunt. Check out these six knives for deer hunting that would be… more »

catfish gear

Catfish Gear 2018: Bait, Hooks, Lines & More

by Keith Sutton 0

Catching big catfish is the name of the game and that requires the right knowledge and gear to put them… more »

deer gear

Deer Gear: New Optics, Knives, Trail Cams, Camo and More

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Deer gear is trending toward the pursuit- and situation-specific reality of the modern deer junkie. Everything from rifles to grunt tubes… more »


Gear Reviews: Cool New Multi-Tools

by Game & Fish Staff 0

They could be ignored no longer. The innovation we’ve seen in multi-tools has demanded we take a look at the… more »


6 Components to a Great Hunting Knife

by Keith Sutton 0

When I was 12, my grandmother gave me my late grandfather’s hunting knife. I was just learning to hunt, and… more »

How to skin a deer with a hunting knife

The Right Knife Matters: 7 Blades for the Outdoorsman

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Non-hunters often ask me about skinning and field-dressing as if they are a sort of Purgatory. In fact, they’re some… more »


Iditarod Trail Gear: What the Mushers Can’t Race Without

by Peter B. Mathiesen 0

An Iditarod contestant spends up to 20 days on the trail covering some of the most inhospitable landscape on the… more »


The Cutting Edge: New Hunting Knives & Tools for 2014

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

One of the tools hunters depend upon most. Each year, the industry’s top knife and multi-tool manufacturers sharpen their skills… more »


Game & Fish 2014 Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Let’s face it, as father’s we’ve gotten a wide variety of trinkets and ill-conceived clothing items on our big day… more »

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