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10 Best Bass Lures to Watch at This Year’s Classic

by Jeff Samsel   |  February 19th, 2014 0
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Photo by Ron Sinfelt

Much gets said about the life-changing effect of being crowned Bassmaster Classic champion – and rightly so. A strong argument could be made that no single accomplishment has a larger impact on a pro angler’s career. However, the big bass lure that gets used to notch that Classic win often travels a similar path, almost immediately falling into the iconic “best bass lures” category.

Most years, one or two baits legitimately earn the distinction of the Classic-winning lure or lures, and some lures legitimately are far more likely than others to be used by Classic competitors. The time of year, the Guntersville fishing report, and lures’ reputations and track records all help us determine lures that are likely to play an important role during the Classic.

Just as pundits pick their winning pros, we’ve chosen 10 lures that you will want to watch for as the 2014 Bassmaster Classic unfolds.

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