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go-to bass baits

Go-To Bass Baits of the Pros: Brent Ehrler, Wesley Strader

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Major League Fishing professionals Brent Ehrler and Wesley Strader rely on these go-to baits for new fisheries. By Joel Shangle Major… more »

suspending jerkbaits

Bass Fishing: Now Is Time for Suspending Jerkbaits

by Jeff Knapp 0

Suspending jerkbaits helps you cover more water and attract more strikes from bass. Suspending jerkbaits, such as Rapala’s X-Rap, Lucky… more »

bassmaster classic

Lures That Won the 48th Bassmaster Classic

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Strike King lures were key to Jordan Lee’s win at the 48th Bassmaster Classic. By David Johnson Jordan Lee became only the… more »

bass soft plastics

Bass Soft Plastics Before, During and After the Spawn

by Jeff Knapp 0

Here’s a spring plan of attack using those bass soft plastics that fill your gear bag.  Take a look at… more »

Wiggle Worm

Legendary Lures That Changed Fishing Forever

by Keith Sutton 0

Each of these famous lures dramatically changed the way anglers fish. Before writing this article, I asked my Facebook friends… more »

April fishing in Arkansas

5 Trout Lures You Need in Your Tackle Box

by David Paul Williams 0

Spin fishermen have been tossing lures successfully for trout almost since Dame Juliana Berners wrote her fishing book in 1496. New… more »

Floating a Jig Pic

Best Practices for Floating a Jig

by Steven Johnson 0

Few scenes say “fishing success” like a float darting out of sight, but too often anglers restrict floats to fishing… more »

Trout with Crankbaits 2

Trout Fishing With Crankbaits

by Steven Johnson 0

Wading side-by-side up a trout stream and casting matching minnow-imitating lures, a buddy and I should have been enjoying at… more »

soft jerkbaits

Soft Jerkbaits: Best Early Season Bass Lure?

by Jeff Knapp 0

The soft jerkbait — known generically to most anglers as a fluke — might be the best all-around bass lure… more »


Pro Tips: How Pros Use Crankbaits for Bass

by Mark Hicks 0

In the early spring, bass crankbaits should be among the first lures you cast into that chilly water if you’re targeting… more »

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