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4 Ways to Pattern Monster Bucks with Trail Cameras

by Bill Winke   |  September 18th, 2013 4

During the past two seasons, I have had great success patterning and, ultimately, killing mature bucks. I never would have thought this possible before I started to use trail cameras. This tool has allowed me to systematically learn the behavior and decipher the personalities of the bucks I’ve hunted. Here’s how it works.


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  • tater72510

    Ok, I gotta call bull on some of this. I mean face camouflage to check a game camera?
    Yeah right…

    • gear_editor

      Thanks for your comments, tater. Although I must say, I’ve had to check a cam before or after a hunt to grab a card or to fix the view angle. Haven’t you?

  • tatet72510

    I gotta call bs with the guy checking the trail camera all camouflaged even his face. Right

  • James

    Is there no article on this or am I just not seeing this?

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