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Top New Turkey Gear for 2015

by Paul Rackley   |  March 27th, 2015 0

With turkey season stampeding this direction, it’s time to take a look and see if a few of the multitude of gun and gear companies actually created something for use against North America’s largest game bird that will do more than just lighten the wallet. This year features a few items that are only improvements of classic gear, but some can be considered almost revolutionary.

Every year in Las Vegas, firearm, hunting and sporting goods companies gather to showcase products at the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show, especially new products for the upcoming year. While SHOT is actually for distributors and store owners to learn what will be available to sell, the show also offers media, which translates down to consumers, a first look at gear and guns that just might jump on the “have-to-have” list.

As such, it’s a good thing that SHOT is held in January, as it is just a few short months until turkey season.

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