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bow hunting

Bow Hunting: Tips for Sighting-In, Tuning Your Own Gear

by Dan Beraldo 0

You’ve been dependent on friends and bow shops to tune your bow and heads. Why? This is your season to… more »

bowhunting tips

Bowhunting Tips: Optics, Apps, Thermal Imaging

by Paul Moore 0

Three bowhunting tips will help you get a plan and pattern locked in before you draw your first arrow on… more »

Game & Fish Readers Choice Award

Game and Fish Readers Choice Awards: Top Hunting Gear 2017

by John Geiger 0

Game & Fish Readers Choice Awards 2017: Here are your picks for the best in hunting gear for 2017. By… more »


‘Suppressors Shootout: 4 New .22LR Cans Tested’

by admin 0

We tested accuracy, decibel level and POI change of four popular .22LR suppressors and ran them head-to-head — same rifle, same sound… more »


Can I Hunt Deer With Suppressors?

by admin 0

With the right caliber, in the right places, the short answer is “Yes, you can hunt deer with suppressors” But… more »


New Shotguns from NRA Atlanta 2017

by Paul Rackley 0

Shotguns are the most versatile tools available to hunters, as they can be used to take everything from deer to… more »

new hunting rifles

New Hunting Rifles At NRA Atlanta Show 2017

by David Johnson 0

The 2017 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits brought together hundreds of firearms manufacturers and thousands and thousands of gun owners… more »

new riflescopes

NRA Atlanta: 5 New Riflescopes With Tactical Features

by John Geiger 0

Optics companies are sighting in on modern hunters with the recent release of several new riflescopes at the NRA Annual… more »

guns and ammo

NRA Atlanta: New Deer Hunting Ammo

by Shaun Epperson 0

Thousands of shooting and hunting enthusiasts converged on Atlanta for the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits April 27-30, and ammunition… more »

turkey gear

Turkey Gear: Camo With a Cause

by John Geiger 0

Turkey gear impact: Mossy Oak and NOMAD are donating money to the National Wild Turkey Federation for every purchase. Does the… more »

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