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new riflescopes

NRA Atlanta: 5 New Riflescopes With Tactical Features

by John Geiger 0

Optics companies are sighting in on modern hunters with the recent release of several new riflescopes at the NRA Annual… more »

new gear

New Gear: Nikon Rangefinder Stops the Shakes

by John Geiger 0

New gear: Nikon’s Monarch 7i VR LRF is the first of its kind with vibration-reducing technology. It’s tough to keep… more »


Best New Hunting Optics for 2015

by Gary Lewis 1

When I counted up the hours spent afield last year, the ones that meant the most were in open country…. more »


G&F Exclusive: Zeiss Terra XB75 Crossbow Scope Review

by John Geiger 2

Hunters know Zeiss optics for the company’s high quality, German-made binoculars, riflescopes and spotting scopes. But the company’s latest product… more »


Look Inside the Riflescope: A Buyer’s Guide

by Gary Lewis 0

We call it a riflescope, but the proper term is telescopic sight, which is an optical device based on a… more »


12 High Tech Hunting Optics for 2014

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Our world is dominated by technology. We’ve come to rely on our phones, laptops, iPads, and other devices for a… more »


5 Great Binoculars for 2014

by John Geiger 0

We picked up five well-known binoculars for 2014 that you’ll probably see at your local gun store this summer. And… more »

Meopta MeoStar

10 New Binoculars for 2014

by John Geiger 1

Our favorite new binoculars for 2014 are following the trend of better quality and better prices.


Top 5 Affordable Binoculars Under $400

by J. Guthrie 0

Finding a decent pair of binoculars without spending a fortune used to be tough to do, but not any more. New… more »

One of the biggest improvements in riflescopes is the move to fully multi-coated glass. That means every piece of glass -- inside and out -- the scope is optimized with anti-reflective material, such as magnesium flouride, to increase the amount of light transmitted through each lense. In some scopes there might be 10 lenses, said Jon LaCorte of Nikon. Photo by Ron Sinfelt.

How Hunting Optics Have Improved

by Doug Howlett 1

Modern optics are light-years from the standards of just 10 or 20 years ago.
Today’s hunters have it made. But if you miss, there’s one less thing to blame it on.

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