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Hunting Turkey

Best New Turkey Vests for Spring 2015

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  March 5th, 2015 0

With an integrated aluminum frame and adjustable spring-loaded legs that extend to turn this pack-vest into a portable ground chair, the Tenzing TP14 was designed for the hunter who vows to stay in the field until a gobbler has been bagged.

Have you noticed turkey vests are less like places to put your calls and more like a way to wrap yourself in your turkey-hunting world?

We took a look at four new vests — some traditional, some outrageous. If you’re in the market for one this season, great. If not, it’s still fascinating to see what designers are coming up with to make you a better turkey hunter…or at least make you buy their vests.  It’s hard to go wrong with this rafter of nylon and cotton.


First Look: Federal 3rd Degree Turkey Load

If youre ready to set the spring turkey woods ablaze, youll be fired up to know that Federal Premium Ammunition is offer...

A good vest won’t pull the trigger for you, but it will keep you comfortable and organized so you are ready for tom as he steps within the magic 40-yard circle. Plus, you’ll have a place to put your calls.

Check out these four new offerings for the 2015 spring season:

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