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Hunting Rifles

10 Great New Hunting Rifles for 2015

by Matt Haun   |  July 14th, 2015 1

By far, deer are the most popular big-game animals in this great country. And the most popular weapon to harvest them is a centerfire rifle. While we are on the topic, the most-purchased type of rifle for recreational shooting in the last four years is the AR platform. When you look at those facts, it stands to reason that both shooters and hunters alike have a great interest in what’s new in this category.

What you won’t find on my list is the “everyday” rifle that you typically see in other articles or in most TV commercials. What you will see are new rifles that are unique in their category and fill a specific niche in your pursuits. If you choose to purchase one of the following rifles, I assure you that it won’t be your newest “safe queen.”

It will either be your go-to hunting rifle or the one that you wow your buddies with on the range.

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