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Hunting Gear

10 Great Hunting Boots for Next Season

by Peter B. Mathiesen   |  July 10th, 2014 1

For hunters, looking for new hunting boots is a fight to find the perfect balance of performance and value. We want the best we can afford, yet we loathe paying too much. If you’re considering a new pair of boots for the coming fall, you may have noticed the hike in prices.

To combat wasting your hard-earned cash, we want to share with you a crop of boots that will deliver exactly what they say they will.

All of the boots we reviewed were shipped above the 62nd parallel, for spring in Alaska, so that they could be tested in the snow, dipped in cold puddles and put up against the slickest, rockiest ground. Some were even in the Arctic Circle.

We looked at samples that fell into the categories of general hunting, work and mountain boots (plus one rubber pair). They were worn over rocks, in snow, on ice and over metal grates to judge stability and traction.

Every pair passed our slushy water test and had to prove themselves on ATV and snow machine decks. Here are the high value picks:

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