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10 Best Gadgets for Night Catfishing

by Anietra Hamper   |  May 20th, 2015 2

When the sun sets, the rules for catfishing change. While the cooler shallows of nighttime water put hungry feeders on the prowl, the techniques and tackle required to land the big fish without the light of day can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are great products on the market for night catfishing that aid with lighting, safety and convenience to make fishing after dark more enjoyable and successful.


After Hours Adjustments for Night Catfishing

With the boat rocking gently to a slight summer breeze, it's easy to doze off in the darkness. Just as you start to fade...

There are several reasons that some great night catfishing gadgets are hitting the market: many of the tried-and-true nighttime tools that have been on the market for some time are coming out in newer versions that are lighter, smaller and more effective; popular European products are making their way to the American market and some U.S. based companies are developing product lines specifically designed for catfishing.

While you may already have durable night catfishing tackle, it never hurts to have a few more tricks up your sleeve.

Whether you are fishing by bank or by boat, here are some cool gadgets on the market to try on your next outing. Keep in mind that you can find many of the more expensive items for far less than the MSRP by shopping around online.

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