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Drone Brings Trail Cam Photos to You

by John Geiger   |  May 21st, 2012 1

Have you heard about this Drone Remote Surveillance trail cam system? I had the chance to sit down with Doug Mann of Stealth Trail Cams recently and find out more about this fascinating web-based photo access system.

Accessing trail cam photos through the web or smart phone is nothing new. But the Drone is bringing the price down to where it’s a viable option for more hunters. You’ll sink about $650 into the system, not including a minimum of $19.99 a month for the data plan. But if you have multiple cameras, or run an outfitting business, this system could save you a lot of money in fuel, time and keep you away from the camera so the game isn’t spooked. What would you pay for all of that?

The Drone works like no other camera system.

When you set it up, it immediately turns on the GPS unit and gets a bead on the cam’s location. It uses those coordinates in Bing Maps to show you in a Google Earth-style relief map where your cam is, wherever it is in the world. Then the GPS shuts off to save battery life.

After that, four times a day, your cam will send any images to your personal Drone web site via Verizon Wireless’ network. These thumbnails take up a miniscule part of your data plan. You can check them out and then decide if you want to download full, higher-resolution image.

Once you download the photos you want. you can manipulate them and organize them into categories in an online library. From within the site, you can text them to a friend, e-mail them or post directly to Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

You can empty your SD card remotely, too. The only time you will need to physically go to the cam is to change batteries. But Stealth has a solution for that as well: A $50 solar panel will charge your batteries for years.

Stealth has been working on this system for 3 1/2 years now, said Doug Mann of Stealth. Finally, the Drone system now is on the shelves at retailers around the country.







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