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Gear Test: Best New Boots for Hunting

by Eric Conn   |  August 3rd, 2015 0



With hunting season fast approaching, now is the time to get yourself and your hunting gear in top-notch shape. And that starts with the proper footwear.

Opening week is not the time to break-in new boots, so make your footwear purchases now and hit the trails to get in shape for those long hauls up and down hills to those remote stand locations that are going to pay off big.

There’s a boot or shoe perfectly suited to your needs. The trick is connecting the dots between you and your next pair.

To help simplify your boot-buying decisions, we tested 13 pairs of boots and shoes, put them in the hands of our field testers and told them to go wild…literally. From running trails, to hiking hills, we torture-tested each pair to find out which were tough enough (and comfortable enough) to pass our brutal examination. After the results came in, we also asked our wear testers to identify the best use for each model and to give us their overall take on each pair.

From the mildly insane outdoor adventurist to the big-game hunter, we have the perfect fit for you.

Photos by Michael Anschuetz

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