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Ash Ammo: Alabama Company Loads Ashes of Deceased Into Ammunition

by Game & Fish Staff   |  October 4th, 2011 5

The final wishes of an outdoorsman in the past might have included having remains sprinkled on favorite mountainsides, lakes or patches of deer woods. An Alabama company, Holy Smoke LLC, is adding a new way of going out with a “bang” via its custom loaded ammunition that contains the ashes of the recently deceased.

Now you can still take grandpa on your next deer hunt and send him towards that buck of a lifetime at 2,000 feet per second!

Started by Thad Holmes and Celm Parnell, Holy Smoke offers “a way to honor your deceased loved one by giving or sharing with him or her one more round of clay targets, one last bird hunt, or one last stalk hunt.”

According to the Holy Smoke website, the process involved with creating the “ash ammo” is fairly straight forward. Interested parties will determine what type of ammunition they want (shotshell, rifle or handgun) and then Holy Smoke will obtain a pound of ash from the funeral service provider and get to work on fulfilling the order. Each order generally takes about 48 hours.

“The people we use are all experienced reloaders and know exactly what we want them to do. Only one bag of ash will be opened at a time, and the equipment will be thoroughly cleaned before the next set of remains is loaded,” Holmes told USA Today.

And this isn’t a one shot deal for those worried about potentially missing with the “Grandpa Load.” For $850 you can get 250 shotshells, 100 rounds of rifle ammunition, or 250 rounds of handgun ammo. Any unused ash will be returned in a separate labeled container.

What are your thoughts on this unique approach to celebrating a life lost? Would you consider doing this?


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