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7 New Broadheads Bowhunters Should Know About

by Bill Winke   |  August 3rd, 2011 14

A look at several of the top new broadheads for 2011 that’ll help bowhunters punch a tag this fall.

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Carbon Express F-15 Dual Blade

The Carbon Express F-15 family includes both the fixed-blade head (with six cutting surfaces) and the mechanical head with four cutting surfaces. Both heads are designed to maximize tissue damage, blood trail intensity and produce a quick kill. The mechanical has thick .030-inch blades for added durability.

  • Mike Gaudet

    I have been using Thunderheads for hunting Black Bears for years with 100 percent satisfaction. I can't wait to try the new Thunderhead Razor with the off set blades. Thanks NAP for your great products.

    • tc

      the f-15's are awesome. last year it was like looking at a murder scene everytime an animal was shot!!!!

  • http://RedGranite@facebook Mike Mccarthy

    I have been using Thunderheads for a long time. Just when you think they cant improve, They do.

    I will surely give these a try.

  • D.J. Bunde

    RAGE SUCK Period!!. 3 Bucks and a doe lost in 2 years. Fixed Blades kill. There is no if's with fixed blades.

    • tc

      you didn't shoot them correcly then, the only problem with any broadhead is you can only trust its sharpness for the first shot, i never re-use broadheads. the only reason i have ever lost an animal is trying to re-use broadheads, even with perfect shot placement, if your broadhead is not sharp you will loose your game!

  • JD

    Grim Reaper once you start using them you'll throw away any other broadhead you have have.

  • ch

    any broad head is deadly period! it is about shot placement, if everyone practices as they should when the time comes fo a shot even if you use a field point you can make an ethical kill. I do not track an animal 95% of the time because i watch them fall from my stand. I am a firm believer in rage as well, however that is personal prefference.

  • Ryno

    I agree with ch. It is all about shot placement. I have never had anything but pass through with Rage, and have never had to track an animal even once. This includes my biggest P&Y buck ever killed last year. He trotted 27 yards and piled up.

  • Killer

    Slick Trick, there really is nothing else to say.

  • ctbowhntr

    I tried nap bloodrunners and take my word for it placement has nothing to do with it,The first doe I shot was at 23 yards right behind the shoulder the only penetration was the broadhead, I saw the entire arrow flopping around as the doe ran away. Never found the doe. With the second doe I shot I had a little more luck, shot her at 13 yards,same thing only this time she only ran 10 yards and stpped so I got a second chance. I think what killed her is she laid down on the arrow pushing it into the lungs. o it's back to fixed broadheads for me!

  • gooseguy

    Well i have to say i shoot rage broadheads and so does my hunting partners! from tracking a deer my buddy shot in the butt to tracting a deer i shot a little too far forward both good blood trails and recoveries! plus i shot a hog this spring in the head with the two blade and stopped him in his tracts with surprising derability the blads were still in tact with a large hole in his skull!! rage for me

  • Mike

    slick trick and muzzy are my 2 favorites…

  • CMiller

    The only head I like better than Rage is G5 Montec, love the one solid piece, use them time and time again. Anyway, Rage for me.

  • Kevin

    Rage two blade all the way

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