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12 Hottest Hunting Bows from ATA 2014

by John Geiger   |  January 8th, 2014 2

The Archery Trade Association’s annual show is one of the first times retailers and the media are able to get their hands on the latest hunting bows and see whole new lines of bows. Some vertical bows don’t change much year to year, but others do, which make them exciting to check out.

Let’s call them sexy.

I mean, what’s not attractive about a 370 feet per second IBO rating? Who can’t fall in love with a 3.2-pound bow? And who wouldn’t want to spend time alone in the tree stand with a bow that shoots 340 but costs only $599? I’m in love with these bows, most of which were unveiled at ATA 2014.


Here Kevin Wilkey from Hoyt discusses some of the specs on the new Carbon Spyder Bow:

Which one is your favorite? Share your opinion in the comments!


  • Bubba D

    This page is pitiful. The pictures don’t change to look at the different bows. What good is a description if you can’t see what the bow looks like

  • Aric

    Mathews wasn’t at ATA and yet they made the list of your 12 sexiest bows from ATA? What about the Obsession Evolution/Phoenix or the Bowtech RPM 360?

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