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Q&A: 2013 Super Bowl Champ Sean Considine

by John Geiger   |  January 29th, 2014 1

Sean Considine is an avid deer hunter, duck hunter and angler from Illinois who recently retired from an eight-year NFL career. The 32-year-old ended his career on the highest note an NFL player can ask for. In 2013 his team, the Baltimore Ravens, beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

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Sean Considine played alongside Joe Flacco and Ray Lewis when the Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2013.

During Super Bowl XLVII, you might have seen the Ravens’ special team player make an excellent block that allowed teammate Jacoby Jones to run for a 108-yard touchdown kickoff reception. In one of the best Super Bowls in years, the underdog Ravens beat Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers 34-31.

Considine retired soon after and didn’t suit up for the 2014 season.

Where is he now?

Considine now lives in his hometown of Byron, Ill. with a team he’ll be getting reacquainted with: his wife and five children, three of whom are triplets, age 2. The oldest is five, and the youngest is just a year old. You’ll also find him in the deer stand, duck blind or bass boat when he otherwise would have been on the gridiron.

“Duck hunting actually reminds me a lot of sitting in the locker room in the NFL days when we’d joke around, hang out and enjoy each other’s company,” said Considine.

John Geiger, Gear Editor for Game & Fish/Sportsman magazines, recently shot greenheads on a frozen South Platte River reservoir with Considine and his long-time friend and fellow Iowa Hawkeye alum, Tim Anderson of Mossy Oak. Geiger interviewed Considine in the blind and at camp for this report.


Game & Fish/Sportsman: What is your favorite kind of hunting?
Sean Considine: Deer with a bow. It’s a long season in Illinois, and it gave me opportunities to hunt, still be there for my family, and work around my football schedule when I was playing.

GF/Sportsman: Why bow?
SC: I struggle with the patience side of it, but I am the kind of guy who always enjoys challenges. Just like bow hunting, not everything about football is comfortable, as you could imagine! Well, in deer hunting with a bow, you sit in a stand and it’s usually cold. You wait till the buck gets in closer, and that doesn’t always happen. There are easier ways to hunt whitetail, but it’s the challenge and reward that draws me to bow hunt whitetails.

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