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Girls of Game & Fish: Angler Edition

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  June 13th, 2014 7

Here at Game & Fish, we think it’s about time we celebrated our women anglers — the Girls of Game & Fish.

Not only do the women in our life bring us a great deal of joy, we’re also proud to share our time on the water with them. It’s great when we’re catching fish, but that just doesn’t compare to the moments we get to watch our girls reel in a keeper.

And since there’s no better way to usher in summertime than to showcase some of the pretty smiles that add a little sunshine to our lives each day, we’re proud to present our first installment of the Girls of Game & Fish.

We’ve collected the best reader photos, all that display the talent behind the beautiful smiles of these women anglers. From backyard bass to saltwater trophies, the women in these photos have plenty to be proud of. Try to enjoy the gallery as much as these gals enjoy fishing.

Send us your women angler photos over at the Game & Fish Camera Corner and you might just make it into the next edition of the Girls of Game & Fish. Here’s to a great summer of fishing.

Kayla from California

girls of game & fish

Kayla finally caught her double-digit large mouth bass.

Mariah from Oregon

girls of game & fish

“This was the biggest steelhead I have ever caught! I had to bring him home, only because I didn’t want to bring home ‘another’ fish story!”Good call, Mariah. Always better to have evidence.

Alicia from Minnesota

girls of game & fish

Alicia reeled in these two beautiful Pike after only a few hours on Elk Lake, Minn.

Elizabeth from Ohio

girls of game & fish

Ohio’s crappies are lucky.

Marcy from Illinois

girls of game & fish

After a quick outfit change, Marcy and her husband went straight from the wedding aisle in Key West to the charter boat to catch this mahi-mahi.

Lindsey from Florida

girls of game & fish

A catch that would be hard to release.

Brittany from Virginia

girls of game & Fish

Brittany was proud of her panfish. Nice work!

Chris from North Carolina

girls of game & fish

A trout you’ll want to bring home to your parents.

Sherri from Missouri

girls of game & fish

“He said I stole his honey hole….I think I’m just a great fisher-woman.”

Kim from Pennsylvania

girls of game & fish

Sometimes the photo says it all.

Check out more Girls of Game & Fish photos in the gallery below.

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