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20 Best Camera Corner Photos for March

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  March 27th, 2014 0

Whether you’re a bass angler, deer hunter or both, you know that the real trophy is the photo.

We’ve gotten so many amazing hunting and fishing pictures in to Camera Corner this March, that we want to share the best with you. You won’t believe some of these stories. Lori Mayer killed a 10-point buck her first time in a blind, first time spotting a wild buck, and first shot. Then there’s 12-year-old Lawson Boyte who reeled in the new Louisiana state record catfish that’s bigger than he is!

Check out what your fellow sportsmen and sportswomen have been up to this month:

Want to be a contender for April and maybe win some sportsman swag in the process? Upload your photo to Camera Corner now!

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