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World Record Fish – Latest and Greatest

by Terry Jacobs   |  June 18th, 2018 0

World Record fish

There are a lot of reasons why we go fishing, but the one thing most of us have in common is we want to catch trophy fish, especially record fish.

Every year, dozens of state records — and some world records, too — are broken by anglers of all skill levels all across the country.

Game & Fish Record Fish Archive

Game & Fish writes about many of these catches, from pending world records like “Jam” Ferguson’s recent huge black crappie caught recently, to last year’s Maryland muskie record caught by an expectant mom.

Check this page often to read about more record fish.

>> Watch: Game & Fish Facebook Live with IGFA’s Jack Vitek and multiple world-record holders Meredith McCord and Martini Arostegui, who have caught hundreds of world record fish

Check out the Game and Fish Facebook Page.

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